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"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - W. Churchill
This sentence describes me well: ambitious, hard-worker and reliable.

  • Adaptability
  • Project management
  • Programmation
  • Entrepreneurship


Engineering apprentice


Engineering degree ISEN


Analyst at Accenture


Team Lead at Accenture

Curriculum vitae

Professional experiences
 Team Lead at Accenture
 Accenture (Paris, France)

    Team lead B2B IS for the historic French telecom operator. In charge of "order to deliver" steam:
     Daily reporting on proactive monitoring of the client's orders
     Updating customers on a regular basis regarding blocking points
     Ensuring the end-to-end provisionning of the client's orders
     Delivering knowledge transfer sessions to the customers
2016.12 - Today
 Analyst at Accenture
 Accenture (Paris, France)

    Support level 3 analyst B2B IS for the historic French telecom operator. In charge of handling incidents and problems raised in the production environment on functionnal part:
     A to Z incident management:
       • Analyzing and locating the root cause
       • Defining workarounds and sharing them with end-users
       • Delivering the fix in coordination with the legacies and offshore developement team
     Ensuring the timely deployment of the fix by respecting SLA
2014.11 - 2016.11
 Engineering apprentice
 Thales Communications & Security (Laval, France)

    Test bench service, in charge of developing benches, as well as software or electronic. These benches are used for industrial aeronautic products.
  •  Developement of an UI using LabWindows CVI in order to automatize a test bench.
  •  Analysis and improvements of a calibration software with the R&D laboratory.
  •  Design and presentation of a specific hosting solution compliant with the IT departement constraints.
  •  Technical support on a monitoring software provided to the end-user.
2011.09 - 2014.08
 Trainee engineer
 Barco Orthogon (Bremen, Germany)

    Part of the customer support team ; in charge of implementing new features of a data analysis software.
  •  Perl development in Linux environment.
2012.08 – 2012.09
 Devos Vandenhove (Ancenis, France)

    In charge of the design and implementation of a test bench for electronic motors.
  •  Design and conception of hardware electronic solution
  •  Logic implementation in a microcontroller (mBed NXP)
2011.04 – 2011.06

 Units - Financial and business managment
 CNAM (Paris, France)

    Following teaching unit passed:
  •  "General principales of financial management" (GFN106)
  •  "General principales of business management" (MSE146)
    This course was provided by the CNAM organism at evening classes.
2014.11 - 2015.06
 Engineering apprentice
 ISEN (Brest, France)

    Engineering school in Electrical and Industrial IT Engineering at ISEN Brest in partnership with ITII Bretagne. Specializing in software engineering.
  •  Developement of an e-commerce website using CodeIgniter PHP framework.
2011.09 - 2014.08
 Involved in the program "Les Entrepreneuriales"
 Programme les Entrepreneuriales (Angers, France)

    Participation to a program of new business start up.
    Project leader of Ludice idea, a pure-player company offering playing cards online customization.
2012.09 - 2013.06
 DUT "Génie Electrique et Informatique Industrielle"
 IUT (Nantes, France)

    Equivalent to an H.N.D in Electrical Engineering, specializing in electronic.
2009 - 2011
 Baccalauréat "Sciences et Techniques Industrielles"
 Marcel Callo (Redon, France)

    Equivalent to a B-levels specializing in industrial engineering and in electronic.
  •  Year project: automatic solar panel analysis
2007 - 2009

2016: CouchBase training

This one week of technical training was given in order to lean how to manage multiple CouchBase instances.
NoSQL/N1QL technology providing high performance and huge implementation scalability.



Skills to Succeed
2015: Involved in Skill to Succeed program

Main goal of this Accenture program is to give a chance to 3 millions people from 2015 to 2020 in order to get a job or start a business.
I had the opportunity to audit many compagnies in very eclectics fields - from a fashion studio to an MVNO telecom operator.

studio fk
2014: Studio FK

During new IT strategy of their website, I provided my skills to Studio FK in order to design and implement a new version.
Full responsive website powered by Foundation framework (using HTML/CSS/JS).



2014: Rennes start-up week-end

During this start-up weekend which took place in Rennes, I was project owner of "Mécanovice" idea. The concept was to offer cars owner a way to learn how to perform their car maintenance with the support of professionals.

start up weekend
2014: ISEN de Brest

Involved in the first start-up weekend in Brest. I provided my IT knowledges to project owners.

bootcamp android


2013: Cantine numérique de Brest

Attended to an Android bootcamp held by the digital organism of Brest city.

project cover image


2013: Angers

Attended to an SEO bootcamp.


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